9 - 11

OERcamp.global 2021 – an Unconference on OER

09.12.2021 - 11.12.2021
The first 48-hour Festival for Open Educational Resources ****What is the OERcamp.global? The OERcamp is a BarCamp on Open Education and Open Educational Resources (OER). “BarCamp” means that everyone can contribute to the programme by submitting their sessions. It is a user-generated (un-)conference. A BarCamp is not only about sharing knowledge: Open issues, ongoing activities and joint reflection can take place in sessions, as well. It’s about sharing and co-creating knowledge, the open way! The event communication will be in English. Workshop sessions in any other language are highly welcomed! The OERcamp.global is hosted by the German Commission for UNESCO and Agentur J&K – Jöran und Konsorten, which has been hosting OERcamps since 2012. ****How will it work? The opening session of OERcamp.global will start on 9 December at 1 pm UTC. We will have 48 hours of sessions and plenary hours, so that everyone can choose the time of the day (or night) to participate in the event. OERcamp.global will take place in a format called ‘BarCamp’. This unconference format invites everyone to contribute to the programme. It’s an open and participatory event, made of user-generated workshop-events. ****Why an OERcamp.global? Let’s celebrate OER! Let’s share our knowledge, experience and resources! Let’s get to know each other, as individuals, as organisations, globally! Let’s talk about our projects, our aims, our hopes, and also about our doubts and challenges. OER is all about sharing – and why should we stop at geographical borders? We will gather for a 48-hour unconference with practitioners, activists, scientists, nOERds and novices from around the globe. (No, of course, no one has to stay for the full 48 hours. Just pick from the schedule – it’s an all you can learn buffet! ;-)) ****What can you do? We would like to ask you for three ‘P’s: Participate! Present! Promote! To Participate: goto.oercamp.global To Present: present.oercamp.global To Promote: promote.oercamp.global
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